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Implant Tooth Replacement

Implant Tooth Replacement

When your teeth are missing, it is not a fancy thing to confidently smile with gaps displayed all over you. However, our clinics have adopted a professional approach that can assist you to enjoy your another fresh and beautiful dental formula just like the original one.

What is Implant Tooth Replacement?

It is obvious, that you get your missing tooth replaced with another one to give you a natural look that completes a normal smile. Only that, the method of replacement and how it is done is totally different. Below are some of the replacements you can consider to make your smile appealing.

Complete Denture Replacement

For this one, it helps you to retain your teeth in the mouth and at least be able to put a smile without having to expose your plain and toothless mouth. Alternatively, some prefer it because it is cost friendly, and they don’t have to incur much of cost to be fixed. On the downside, when complete denture replacement is done, unless you plan to wear it temporarily for some time, the long-term plan may affect your jawbone by making it shrink. This can affect your facial formation and permanently take an unappealing shape. The best option is first to have some consultation with our dental specialists to advise the best approach to do it.

Removable Partial Dentures Replacement

Just like the complete denture, this one may affect the covered bone underneath it and sometimes interfere with your speech. The best approach is always to have a wider consultation with your dentist in order to get a professional assistance on how to go about it if you are financially constrained. If the situation allows you to hold with the partial denture temporarily, then later you can opt for a permanent replacement.



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